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Terms & Conditions

1. An entry will be done on an audition basis.
2. The judges will select the participants on the basis of the recorded footage or live performance of the participants and their own performance talent.
3. Participants will carry valid proof of age and nationality (birth certificate or school certificate) as may be required by the company and two passport-size photographs during the audition by the company.
4. You can not upload any promo or picture on the internet while the show is on-air.
5. The organizers reserve their right to change the date and time of the program at their discretion at the point of time.
6. Participants or their guardians are not allowed to exchange numbers with the other co-contestants or their parents.
7. An entry beyond the stipulated time at the venue will not be entered.
8. Only one legal guardian will be allowed inside the venue (shooting and audition). Guardian should bring water, medicines, or other requirements if any.
9. The application should not be bound by any contract or agreement which prohibits him/her from entering into a management contract, recording contract, and/or merchandising contract or performance contract.
10. The participants have to be medically fit
11. No parents can interfere in the matters related to shooting and audition.
12. I confirm that I shall have no right, title, or interest of any nature in the same in any territory or at any time. It is agreed that provision of section 19(4) of the Indian Copyright Act, 1957 shall not apply to me and that I am not entitled to receive any monetary compensation/royalty/fee from the company towards the utilization of the footage in the program and/or its exploitation by the company on any of its channel or production house.